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Greetings from the Governor

One of the world-class strengths of Japan is its power of“ Monodzukuri” (Core manufacturing Technology). Osaka has a collection of Japan’s leading and representative companies, including Panasonic Corporation, Sharp Corporation, Kubota Corporation and Daikin Industries, as well as many small and medium-sized businesses supporting them with their craftsmanship skills. In addition, the accumulation of abundant technologies and human resources supports the growth and development of cutting-edge fields, such as bio-technology and alternative energy. With this background and the potential of industries in Osaka, we have developed a system called Osaka Core manufacturing Technology Network to introduce“ Monodzukuri” companies for free. It searches, finds and introduces a suitable company from over 50,000 companies in Osaka to fulfill your business needs, for example, ordering parts, processing requests or developing prototypes. The highly-sophisticated technology and processing skills will help your business grow. Take this opportunity to use the power of Osaka’s“ Monodzukuri”

Ichiro Matsui Governor of Osaka

 OSAKA Monodzukuri Spirits – Excellent Companies of OSAKA –


Introduction of the Osaka Core Manufacturing Technology Network

    Who are we? Osaka Prefectural Government and collaborating banks
What is our objective? To contribute to your business by utilizing the core manufacturing and high technology achievements in Osaka
Who can enjoy the benefit? Companies around the world who are seeking for suppliers, outsourcing partners or development partners
What is the benefit? We introduce preferable companies in Osaka (incl. surrounding area) with core manufacturing technology upon your inquiry  free of charge
What is the role of us? We are the contact window of the business matching managed by Osaka Prefectural Government
Osaka Prefectural Government and our partner banks jointly work to introduce skilled companies in Osaka to you. We believe companies in Osaka can contribute to your business!

How to find your partner companies?


Explanatory Notes

explanatory notes

Introduction of Osaka regional leading companies

 contents フォーム 0_Table_of_contents_Explanatory_notes (PDF 1.1 MB)
Business Sector
 Parts&Materials フォーム 1_Parts_&_Materials (PDF 13 MB)
 Machining&Processing フォーム 2_Machining _&_ Processing (PDF 8 MB)
 Machinery&Equipment フォーム 3_Machinery_&_Equipment (PDF 10 MB)
 Electronics&Optics フォーム 4_Electronics_&_Optics (PDF 2.8 MB)
 Chemicals&Resins フォーム 5_Chemicals_&_Resins (PDF 5 MB)
 Pchaging, Printing&Textiles フォーム 6_Packaging_Printing_&_Textiles (PDF 2.1 MB)
 Life-Related, Etc フォーム 7_Life-Related_etc (PDF 6 MB)
 cover フォーム Total Page (PDF 45 MB)


Q1 Can you manage any inquiries? A1 No matter how difficult your inquiry is ( high precision, difficult machining, small lots, etc.), we will provide our best solution to you.
Q2 How much do you charge for commission? A2 Free of charge.
Q3 Do you handle the actual transactions including “buying” and “selling” A3 We do not handle the actual transactions. Please discuss directly with the candidate partner companies based on our business matching. In case the candidate company does not have the experience of overseas business, “Osaka Foundation for Trade and Industry” will assist the company to manage it.
Q4 Do you accept inquiries in languages other than Japanese? A4 All inquiries will be accepted by our contact window persons (”coordinators”), who have enough English skill, technical knowledge and business experience. They are to manage facilitating communication between you and Osaka companies. Please consult us regarding inquiries in languages other than English.
Q5 Do you accept our inquiry under the condition that you are not to disclose our company name to others? A1 Yes, we accept such inquires. You can select which information are to be disclosed/not disclosed when we search for your partners( please refer the inquiry sheet).

 Contact us through the following E-mail address!

Osaka Core Manufacturing
Technology Network Office

Zip 577-0011
1-4-1 Aramoto-Kita, Higashi-Osaka City, Osaka 2F, South Building, Creation Core Higashi-Osaka


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