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FUJIKURA COMPOSITES is an ISO 13485, 14001 and 9001 certified rubber and silicone-rubber processing specialist and fluid control system manufacturer with a history of 120 years. As medical disposables, the company offers silicone rubber molded parts manufactured with the highest precision in the LIM injection molding process in a clean room, as well as locking valves with high reliability.  For continuous use in medical devices, Fujikura manufactures relief valves, flow control valves with low hysteresis, and check valves equally suitable for air and water. Applications include dialysis equipment, oxygen supply and ventilation, pneumoperitoneal applications, infusion, in analytical equipment, regenerative medicine and many other fields. The company will present a selection of its products at COMPAMED 2022:

Compact air regulator

Fujikura’s compact air regulators are ideal for use in oxygen concentrators and can be tailored to specific customer needs. Inexpensive, compact and weighing only 33 g, they offer highest performance, which has earned them a market share in Japan of close to 100%. Pressure can be set up to 45 kPa and supply pressures up to 200 kPa as well as low pressures are supported. They offer the highest tightness, excellent repeatability and performance at low flow rates of 5 L/min or less.

The company’s precise fluid regulators, as well, can be adapted to individual customer requirements. Areas of use are, for example, dialysis machines, pneumoperitoneum applications and many more. Made of PPS resin, they weigh only 110 g. They are resistant to disinfectant chemicals such as NaClO, C6H8O, C2H4O2 etc. and are less expensive than conventional stainless steel products.

Compact fluid regulator
Battery-less leak detector (in development)

Fujikura’s battery-free leak detectors independently generate electricity on contact with even a drop of water, blood, urine and other fluids, therefore reliably reporting the leakage of liquids by mail to smartphones or PCs. Due to their compactness, they are also suitable for confined areas of application and usage in flood prevention measures.

Using the LIM process, Fujikura produces liquid silicone molded parts for dialysis machines, infusions, automatic cell cultivation and other areas in a class 100,000 clean room. They are available in three standard and, on request, special hardness grades, are inexpensive, very contamination-proof and can also be produced in large quantities without problems.

Liquid silicone-rubber molded parts
Relief and check valves for gases and liquids
Relief valves for multiple use

Fujikura’s relief and check valves have recently found, in addition to medical technology areas, various applications in the automotive industry. In the medical field, they are often used in conjunction with catheters and can be adjusted in steps of 1 kPa. With their compact design, they offer various opening pressures and are available in stainless steel, brass and as a plastic version. The pressure relief valves save space in oxygen concentrators, anesthesia equipment, balloon catheters and other devices. Disposable stop valves made of plastic and silicone are also part of Fujikura’s range and guarantee the highest sterility thanks to production in the clean room.

Take the opportunity to visit Fujikura Composites at COMPAMED 2022!

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