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Kakoh Co., Ltd. at virtual.COMPAMED 2020

Metal tubes with very thin and very thick wall diameters

Since its founding in 1964, Kakoh has been producing tube electrodes with very small diameters using by electrical discharge machining (EDM). Many years of experience make Kakoh one of the world’s leading manufacturers of the thinnest metal tubes, wires and electrodes for use in the aviation, medical and other industries. Kakoh adapts material composition, shape and dimensions to individual customer requirements and easily processes even difficult materials such as titanium and titanium alloys into precision tubes with very thin or very thick wall diameters, in standard and special shapes.

Kakoh also supplies the finest capillaries and electrodes made from copper, brass, tungsten, carbide, titanium alloys, various precious metals and many other materials. The company succeeded in developing precision tubes using TI6AL4V titanium alloy and AZ-31 magnisium aluminium zinc alloy and is about to start mass production of chrome cobalt alloy precision tubes.

micro in size but maximum in precision: A coil made out of a stainless capillary tube
precision tubes with irregular shapes

The company also supplies its customers in both Japan and overseas with precision tubes with irregular shapes or dimensions and also offers the production of very small quantities in small batches.

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