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Mitaka Co., Ltd. at virtual.COMPAMED 2020

Mitaka was founded in 1991 and since then has become one of the leading companies in the development of microscopic components for medical and electronic devices. The company is contributing its experience spanning the micro, nano, pico and femto worlds brings Mitaka to the advancement of minimally invasive surgery and produces precise components for endoscopy and endovascular treatments. In addition to linear stainless wires and microscopic coil springs, the product portfolio also includes precious metal coils as well as stylets and mandrels. The former are utilized as components in medical equipment for endoscopic examinations and are used as embolic coils for embolization treatment in brain and liver arteries.

1. Metal wires – extreme straightness with 1:1 torque transmission.
These guide wires are manufactured with technological experience matured in over 20 years and feature a 100% torque transmission for use in angiography, PCI / PTCA, peripheral vessels, in the digestive tract, endoscopy and many more.

2. Long coil springs – smooth and easy to handle.
Stury spirals as a kink-resistant replacement for plastic hoses with greater flexibility than metal tubes. As they are made from flat wire, the insertion of cables etc. is considerably easier compared to round wire spools.

3. Micro coils – with high dimensional accuracy.
Micro coils made from various metals, ideally suited for catheters and guidewires and available in platinum, platinum/tungsten, gold and various other alloys. For wire diameters >0.04 mm and outside diameters >0.20 mm. Overall lengths of up to 200 mm are possible.

4. Stylets and mandrels – cost-effective with stable quality.
Mitaka also offers a variety of stylets and mandrels at cost-effective prices. Available with single-sided end ring and conical tip for various coatings. Produced in various kinds of stainless steel, with wire diameters from 0.2 mm up to 1700 mm.

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MITAKA Co., Ltd.
1765-1 Menuma, Kumagaya-shi, Saitama 360-0201, Japan
Tel: +81-48-588-5552
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