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Musashi Optical at virtual.MEDICA 2020

Musashi Optical is a manufacturer of optical components and lenses established in 2003. The company produces various optical systems for industrial and medical applications and also designs tailor-made lens and camera solutions for its customers. Cutting edge technology of Musashi Optical include lenses for 4K/8K cameras, 3D cameras, surveillance cameras, FA optics and many more specialty systems.

Furthermore the company manufactures various lenses for TV cameras, develops surveillance and video recording systems and remote control units. At virtual.MEDICA Musashi Optcal will present its new lens series for 3CMOS cameras with C-mount in three different focal lengths.

These high performance lenses are offered in 6 mm, 14 mm and 25 mm focal lenghts and compatible with 1/1.8″, 1/2″ und 1/3″ sensors  with 4K/8.3 MP resolution and 2µm pixel size.

MTF curve in comparision to other manufacturer

The features of Musashi Opticals new lens series includes:
– Exceptional picture quality in the near focussing range:
Highest picture quality and ease of use in the near focussing range which is important for machine vision applications.
– Focus throw of  340°:
The long focus throw allows for more precise focussing without changes in the overall length of the lens. Gears in the aperture and focussing assemblies enable an easy and efficient external operation.
– Resilient construction:
Lens mount and housing are made from resistant metal made with highest precision – quality made in Japan.

Take the opportunity to visit Musashi Optical at virtual.MEDICA 2020!

Would you like to find out more about the company’s technology or make an appointment at virtual.MEDICA 2020? Then do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

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