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Nichiryo Co., Ltd. at virtual.MEDICA 2020

Since its establishment in 1944 Nichiryo has become one of the world’s a leading manufacturer of liquid handling systems, dispensers and related consumables. In addition to it’s Nichipet Premium and Nichipet EX micropipette series, the product range also includes multi-channel pipettes, hand dispensers and bottle dispenser systems. Further extending the range of manual versions, the company also offers automated control units.

Nichimart Cube

Numerous functions characterize the products of Nichiryo. For example, the Easy Calibration function allows for the simplest calibration in the laboratory. Being resistant to ultra violet radiation, the pipettes can also be used in UV light environments. Durable housing materials and low-wear internal components give the autoclavable pipettes a longer life span and, if desired, chemical resistance to acids, alkaline solutions, organic and inorganic solvents. Succeeding in 80 countries, Nichryos products have been exported or used as OEM products worldwide for more than 40 years.

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