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Cosmic M.E. Co., Inc. at MEDICA 2018

Cosmic M.E. has been committed to the design and manufacturing of medical devices based on its competence in developing electric circuits since its foundation in 1986 as an ODM and OEM producer. Starting with devising electronic control parts, which are at the heart of numerous electronic equipment, they are continuously extending their product range in the medical field from electronic devices to consumables such as needle kits. Indeed, their clients on average give highly positive feedback to them.

Low frequency treatment machine for acupuncture, “Depth Pulse AWG AC5000”

Today, their main products are automatic tourniquet, needle kit for laparoscopic application to infantile inguinal hernia, and low frequency devices for acupuncture therapy. Automatic tourniquet and needle kits are unique products for them and on the other hand, their low frequency devices have a domestic sales record of over 3,000 units so far. All of them will be displayed at MEDICA 2018!

Furthermore, the company’s portfolio encompasses medical treatment device for cardiac surgery, roller massager, home static electricity therapy equipment, defibrillators, low-frequency and medium-frequency therapy equipment, X-ray table control device, non-contact ECG breathing recording system and more.
In addition to engineering, Cosmic utilizes its manufacturing and marketing knowledge to effectively distribute medical devices imported from overseas, as well as offers technical support for maintenance and repairment.

Laparoscopic Pediatric Hernia Needle Kit “EndoneedleNeo”

Cosmic adheres to highest standards of electrical safety and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and is particularly familiar with JIS T0601-1. Their level of quality management meets ISO 13485, which is the international standard of manufacturing and management systems for medical equipment.

At MEDICA 2018, Cosmic M.E. will be showcasing their original laparoscopic pediatric hernia needle kit, EndoneedleNeo, as well as its automatic tourniquet, and low frequency equipment for acupuncture, “Depth Pulse AWG AC5000”. Visit them in hall 3, stand E93 at the MEDICA booth of Saitama City Foundation for Business Creation in Düsseldorf!

Would you like to learn more about this company’s technology or arrange a meeting with them at MEDICA 2018 in Düsseldorf? You are welcome to contact us anytime.

Cosmic M.E. Co., Inc.
2 Chome-31-3 Shibashimo, Kawaguchi-shi,
Saitama-ken 333-0848, Japan
TEL: +81-4-8268-9811
FAX: +81-4-9269-1845

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