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Mitaka Co., Ltd. at COMPAMED 2017

Mitaka is a leader in the field of manufacturing microscopic components for medical and electronic use. Since its founding in 1991, Mitaka has been steadily improving their micro-technology, going from micro to nano, pico and femto. Their ISO9001:2008 certified expertise lies in the processing of small objects, such as cutting, tip polishing and bending.

long coiled sheath

Mitaka manufactures components for catheters and guide wires used in minimally invasive procedures like endovascular treatments or in procedures using endoscopes. The company’s portfolio includes stainless straight wires, long coiled sheaths and precious metal coils that are components for endoscopic treatment and examination devices, as well as stylets and mandrels used to protect these products. Mitaka’s micro coil springs are used as embolic coils for coil embolization treatment of brain or liver arteries. In addition to components of medical devices, they also manufacture semiconductor/substrate inspection and electronic equipment, straight fine metal wires and micro coil springs.

stainless wires of highest straightness

Mitaka has been producing special high-precision straight metal wire for more than two decades. Subsequently the company optimized wires for guidewires and produced a product with 1:1 torque transmission which is perfectly suited for application in angiography, PCI/PTCA, peripheral vessels, digestive organs, endoscopy etc. With 100% torque transmission these wires have excellent response characteristics allowing a precise handling during procedures.

Precious metal coils for catheters, guide wires and contrast marking
Extensive experience in the production of precision coils enable Mitaka to mass produce microscopic coils of precious metals for catheter, guide wire and marker applications. Produced with materials like platinum, platinum/tungsten, gold or various alloys total lengths of up to 200 mm are possible with wire diameters from 0.04 mm and external diameters from 0.20mm are possible, even as tapered coils or embolic coils. These coils feature smooth and even surfaces and are available with continuous coiling or as multi-pitch coils. They are also available as tapered or embolic coils.

precious metal coils
precious metal coils with pitch variation

At COMPAMED 2017 Mitaka will be showcasing their capabilities in microscopic processing with the examples of highest quality straight wires for guide wires and long SUS square wire coils. Visit them in Hall 8b, stand H21!

Would you like to learn more about this company’s technology or arrange a meeting with them at COMPAMED 2017 in Düsseldorf? You are welcome to contact us anytime.

MITAKA Co., Ltd.
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