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Imaizumi Industry Co., Ltd. at COMPAMED 2017

Imaizumi Industry specializes in laser cutting and welding technology for theproduction of medical devices’ components. The manufacturer offers highest quality sheet metal processing, producing precisely cut parts for devices with highest surface quality requirements.

laser welding technology

Using special laser punch compound machinery (YAG-laser), parts are cut with only little heat input maintaining their original shape and inhibiting major color changes in the product. Adopting the CW method, instead of the conventional pulse method, allows furthermore to join materials with stronger adhesion, high tenacity and remarkably beautiful finishes, while still realizing a high-speed production, as the deburring step is completely removed from the work process.

Imaizumi Industry’s precision sheet metal technology, doesn’t only completely remove the deburring step from the production process, it also reduces operating costs by removing the need for casting moulds. Consistent precision and smooth, even surfaces of complex structures are maintained even in mass production.

aluminium panel for medical equipment
plated steel case for broadcasting equipment

Imaizumi collaborates successfully with multiple domestic and foreign companies on development of new products, actively supporting them in solving construction problems beginning with the first drawing phase, all through the R&D process.
At COMPAMED 2017 Imaizumi will be presenting its superb laser cutting and welding technology. Visit them in Hall 8b, stand H21!

Would you like to learn more about this company’s technology or arrange a meeting with them at COMPAMED 2017 in Düsseldorf? You are welcome to contact us anytime.

Imaizumi Industry Co., Ltd.
4276 Mikajiri, Kumagaya-shi, Saitama 360-0843, Japan
TEL: +81-48-533-4407
FAX: +81-48-532-9499

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