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Porite Co., Ltd. at the Cluster Symposium 2016

Porite Coporation Ltd.
Porite Corporation Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of powder metallurgical products located in Saitama prefecture, Japan. The company’s products are for example used as parts in the automobile industry, such as in power steering and power window, or as parts in office machines, like computers and printers.

Oil-less Bearings
Porite Corporation is the world’s leading producer of oil-less bearings and offers a low-cost, high-performance product. The porous bodies of the slide bearings are manufactured applying the powder metallurgic method and are soaked with lubricant oil. These innovative bearings do therefore not need to be refueled. There is already oil impregnated that gets oozed out, due to a pumping or heat effect and leaves a lubricant film on the sliding surface. However, when the shaft rotation stops, the capillary force makes the oil immediately getting absorbed by the bearing again. In this way an efficient use is possible.

Sintering Machine Parts
Porite also applies their sophisticated powder metallurgic method on the production of diverse machine parts. These parts are used in a wide range of industries, such as the automobile industry, electrical home appliances, electric tools, agricultural machinery or office automation. The company provides very stable, resistant, high-precision parts tailored to their costumers’ requirements. Porite is not only able to offer a variety of shapes, but also many different materials ranging from ferrous to non-ferrous materials like brass, nickel-silver, permalloy and even MIM products. In addition Porite also develops several specialized products, for example very quiet-running gears made of special materials or sub-miniature gears with modules m<0.1mm.

Visit Porite Corporation Ltd. at the Cluster Symposium (20.-21. September 2016) in Ingolstadt!
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Porite Corporation Ltd.
Nisshin-cho 1-121, Kita-ku, Saitama 331-0823, Japan
Tel. +81 48-653-2222/ Fax: +81 48-660-1292

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