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Sokenmedical Co., Ltd. at MEDICA 2022

With more than 40 years of experience in the field of magnetic field therapy, the Japanese manufacturing company Sokenmedical Co., Ltd. can draw on a wealth of technical knowledge and know-how. In addition to continuous research and development work, cooperation with the University of Saitama and other institutions in Japan also contributed to this. Since 1989, the company has been selling its health devices throughout the Asian market.
Also, the company entered a partnership with the Japanese professional soccer club Urawa Reds, which uses the company’s magnetic therapy devices in player care. Furthermore, a trial series with several soccer teams from Barcelona, Spain started in 2016. In this sense, athletes and sports physicians are also part of Sokenmedical’s target audience, as the devices are available in variations for both personal use and for use in medical practices.

At MEDICA, the company will also present a new product: The novel training system for sports teams “Winnerlights”, which is already successfully used in soccer by several youth teams of German Bundesliga clubs. Winnerlights makes it possible to shift training focus on cognitive skills. Light signs, which can be adjusted at any time via a convenient app, are worn by players and placed on the playing field and at goals. This allows training managers to vary team composition and targets at any time, thereby guiding players to continuously high levels of attention and reactivity. The system is inexpensive enough so that even schools and smaller clubs can afford to use it.

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